Amazon Go has been lauded over by the corporate media, presumably so Amazon doesn’t reduce their advertising spend in said media.

The retailer said it wants to cut-out the need to stand in line to make a store purchase.. in fact it wants to remove the checkout experience entirely. Which sounds great.

For example; you’re on a lunch break so you nip into an Amazon Go store, pick up the sandwich you want and walk out with it. Saving time and giving you the thrill of momentarily feeling like a thief but without the repercussions.

The transaction is handled in the background, while you’re free to focus on the important things in life… like pleasing your boss by returning to work earlier, ordering that new Starbucks non-fat frappuccino with caramel sauce, and other things that obnoxious consumer slaves do.

But what Amazon or the corporate media whores haven’t told you; this new system is a effectively your latest techno-stalker.

Having been in development for over 4 years, Amazon Go will know a crap-ton about you including where you are, your purchasing habits, and more.

It gets seriously weird.

Techworld reports:

This computer vision tech will also be used to verify the item a customer has picked up. As the patent states, along with the sensors underneath items, Amazon will verify the item through: “An image of the item captured by a camera when the item is picked by the user, a RFID tag detected by a RFID reader when the item is picked by the user, or a change in a weight measured at the inventory location.”

The ‘computer vision’ is essentially an advanced form of facial recognition. This includes racial recognition as the cameras can identify skin tones and can identify gender.

And it doesn’t stop there. A patent filed by Amazon Technologies, Inc. says the system has the ability to eavesdrop on you:

“Microphones may record sounds made by the user and the computing resource(s) may process those sounds to determine a location of the user.”

Amazon are able to record and log conversations.

And what will they do with all this data? At the light end of the spectrum it will be used for more targeted advertising.

At the dark end, if government or security agencies decide they want that information, well, you be the judge as Amazon has been ranked among the worst companies at protecting user data.

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