A village in the UK is set to lose it’s police force and be replaced by a private security firm, it has emerged.

Residents in Selston, Nottinghamshire, may have to pay upwards of £130,000 per year for protection as crime in the area has skyrocketed by 30% since losing all their full time police officers 2 years ago.

Disturbingly, last year alone 155 of the crimes were of a violent or sexual nature.

Independent councillor Gail Turner said:

“We are just offering it as an option because we are not being helped by the police.

“This is part of a longer-term problem, policing numbers have been chipped away at in rural areas like ours over many years.

“About ten years ago I remember there being a good police presence here.

“But it’s been eroded and we have a real problem with anti-social behaviour and sexual crime now.

“There are a lot of people getting angry online about this, but I don’t think they understand what we are proposing.”

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