A significant report into CIA torture will not be released, according to Representative Adam Schiff.

The 6,700-page Senate Intelligence Committee report contains details of waterboarding and other ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’, widely considered to be acts of torture and a violation of international laws.

In December 2014 a 525-page executive summary was released, but the full report is considered ‘too sensitive’ to be released at the moment.

However, it appears that a redacted version of the report might have a chance of being released through a Freedom of Information request.

Schiff told the press:

“The most that we might expect this administration to do… is to designate it as some kind of a record that would ultimately lead to its availability through FOIA, subject to redaction.

“I don’t think the incoming administration will have any interest in publishing the greater part of the document.

“Within the IC (intelligence community) there would be such massive resistance to this, it just isn’t going to happen.”

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