As the dust settles on a surprise election, sore loser democrats are now grasping at straws in a desperate bid to hold onto power.

They are now claiming that the authenticity of results in three states; Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, should be questioned.

According to The Express:

Clinton received seven per cent fewer votes in counties in Wisconsin which used electronic-voting machines as opposed to optical scanners or paper ballots, according to the groups findings.

The former Secretary of State could have lost as many as 30,000 votes in the state if the pattern is to believed. The 69-year-old lost the vote by just 27,000.

This is not evidence of election rigging, as voting rights attorney John Bonifaz and University of Michigan Center director for Computer Security and Society J. Alex Halderman note.

However that doesn’t stop the Democrats, and establishment media, from spinning this information for their own agenda and making allegations in an attempt to smear President Elect Trump and reverse the democratic process.

What is also worrying, is that the finger is now also being pointed at Russia, as NC chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz claims intrusions originated from Moscow.

This all cements growing suspicion that the Democrat war hawks have an irrational desire to trigger a war with Russia, and as Trump walks into the White House we may have just avoided a global catastrophe as a result.

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